GPS for Santa challenge

It’s almost a Christmas time and very soon Santa Claus will pull out his sleigh along with the herd of reindeers. Of course following the roads on his sleigh (yeah, this kills the whole magic). But how his gonna find his way to all the places he is supposed to visit? Well, he certainly needs a GPS and your goal is to develop a routine that will help Santa.

Our Christmas challenge is based on the programming project developed by Andrew V. Goldberg and Renato F. Werneck for Microsoft Data Structures and Algorithms School, MIDAS 2010. The goal of the project is to give you a chance to go beyond the framework of the course, play with some real-world data, and to have fun. The project is open-ended in the sense that we do not know what the best solution is. We do know that, with moderate effort, one can improve upon the naive solution we give as an example. Investing more time may lead to bigger improvements.