Projects : Homework 2

The goal of this homework is to develop a detailed plan, which will help you to stay on track and develop a solid project at the end of the course. This homework is obligatory if you want to get credit for this course. Before you start, please wait for my comments for the previous homework. We have four weeks to complete the projects. Your plan should look something like that:

My goal is to analyse the weather in San Francisco and Los Angeles and to decide which city is better to live in. (Copy this from the previous homework, change if needed)

Week 1. Get the data from the website using the module BeautifulSoap. The data will contain the weather forecasts for San Francisco and Los Angeles for the period January 2017-December 2017.

Week 2. Use Numpy to extract and analyse 1) temperature data; 2) data on how clear (sunny) a day is. For the first item, I will compute the mean of the temperature data by month, for the second item I will compute the number of sunny/almost clear/rainy days per month. I will also compute the average difference in temperatures for San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the average difference in the amount of sunny days.

Week 3. Use Matplotlib to draw graphs for the data I extracted on Week 2. For the temperature, I will draw bar charts, for the amount of sun I will draw pie charts.

Week 4. Clean the data, clean the code, prepare a report. 

Try to be as precise as possible, it will help you. Your plan can be in French or in English, and is should be one .pdf file. Attention: If you work in a team, then there must be two independent plans for each member of the team (both members submit two plans, and indicate the names of the team members clearly). 

If you have questions, ask them in advance, not 5 minutes before the start of the course. This includes questions about login in / submitting the homework.