Projects: Homework 1

1. You can work on your own or in a team of two people. Your team member cannot be from the same department as you. If you are looking for a team, go to forum, topic "Looking for a team", and leave a message indicating the general topic you would like to work on (for example, biology/political science/economics/etc...). If you work in a team, you can do the second part of this homework together.

2. Choose a theme of your project. Make it specific. For example, biology/political science/economics/etc is bad, "The largest vocabulary in Hip Hop" is good. Further, write 4-10 sentences describing your project. For example, what is the main goal of your project? Do you have data ready or you will need to scrape it from the Web? What kind of analysis will you need to perform on the data? Will you need to visualise your results?

For me it is important that you try to use all (or many of) the Python tools we see in the class. Ideally, the project should also be interesting for you, should give some meaningful result. If you still have no idea where to start, here is some inspiration for you:

If you have any further questions, or doubts, or need help, please do not hesitate to contact me during the week, better by personal messaging on Moodle than by e-mail.